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Calibration Key w/ Calibration Certificate
Includes Calibration Certificate
List Price: $66.00
M692 Switch Array
Part #: 716692
Welch Allyn M692 Switch Array
List Price: $10.75
Probe Covers for SureTemp, Disposable, 7,500-Pack
Case contains: 30 White Sleeves with 250 Probe Covers in each, Each Sleeve Contains 10 Packs of 25 Probe Covers
List Price: $393.00
Integrated Wall System Holder Module for 690/692 SureTemp Device and Probe Covers
SureTemp Plus 690/692 Thermometer Wall Holder
List Price: $49.50
Mobile Stand for 690/692 Thermometer w/ Spare Probe and Well Holder
690/692 Thermometer Mobile Stand with Spare Probe and Well Holder
List Price: $429.00
4 ft. Probe Well Kit, Veterinary
Probe Well Kit, Veterinary, 4'. Includes: probe, probe well
List Price: $115.50
Probe Well Assembly, Rectal, Red
Welch Allyn parts meet OEM requirements and standards for fit, function and quality. Use genuine OEM parts and accessories as replacements or to repair Welch Allyn devices.
List Price: $25.25
Part #: 21330-0000
SureTemp Plus 690 and SureTemp Plus 692 Holder for Spare Probe and Probe Well
List Price: $27.75
M690 Switch Array

M690 Switch Array

Part #: 716691
Obsolete part - No Longer Available
Welch Allyn Switch Array M690