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Nellcor OxiMax Adult Finger Sensor, 24-Pack
Single use, Case of 24
List Price: $1,398.00
Nellcor OxiMax Infant Toe Sensor, 24-Pack
Single use, Case of 24
List Price: $1,849.00
Nellcor Dura-Y SpO2 Transducer
1 sensor and 40 wraps
List Price: $530.00
Nellcor 3 ft. DuraSensor DS-100A Transducer w/ Fingerclip, Adult
Nellcor DuraSensor Adult Oxygen Transducer with Fingerclip (3 ft./1 m)
List Price: $491.00
Nellcor OxiMax Pediatric Finger Sensor, 24-Pack
Single use, Case of 24
List Price: $1,398.00
Propaq LT Monitor Mobile Stand w/ Basket
Propaq LT Monitor Mobile Stand with Basket. Includes: One Stand Base Assembly, One Stand Bottom Pole Assembly, One Top Pole and Basket Assembly, One Stand Tool Kit, Mobile Stand Assembly Instructions, One Plastic Propaq LT Cradle for Rolling Stand, Two #M4 x 0.7 x 12 Phillips Screws, Propaq LT Mounting Option Instructions
List Price: $423.00
Nellcor OxiBand Pediatric/Infant Transducer
1 sensor and 50 wraps
List Price: $486.00
Nellcor OxiBand Adult/Neonatal Transducer
1 sensor and 50 wraps
List Price: $603.00
Nellcor Ear Clip
Part #: D-YSE
Use with Dura-Y Sensor
List Price: $154.50
Nellcor PediCheck Pediatric Fingerclip
Use with Dura-Y Sensor
List Price: $198.00
ECG Electrodes, Disposable, 30-Pack
Package of 30
List Price: $63.75
Bedrail Hook Assembly Kit for Propaq LT
Service Kit, Bedrail Hook Assembly. Includes 4 Screws: 2 ea. M4X4, 2 ea. M4X5
List Price: $99.25
Lower Cradle Assembly Housing for Propaq LT Monitor w/ USB
Housing, Lower Cradle Assy, W/USB
List Price: $185.50
Interconnect Printed Circuit Board
Welch Allyn parts meet OEM requirements and standards for fit, function and quality. Use genuine OEM parts and accessories as replacements or to repair Welch Allyn devices.
List Price: $383.00
Connector Panel Assembly for Propaq LT
For use with Devices that have Nellcor SPO2
List Price: $612.00
Display / Housing Assembly
Part #: 020-0647-00
Assembly includes: Color LCD Display installed with front window, Speaker installed, Keypad assembly installed
List Price: $775.00
Power I/O Panel Assembly Cradle for Propaq LT Monitor
Assembly includes Power Input connector, Fuse 3A, SLO-BLO, Fuse Holder, and side panel
List Price: $173.50
8.4V (2300mA) Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack, Replacement
List Price: $278.00
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