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Nellcor Portable Oximetry Tester (MP506)
Motion Tolerant SPO2 Only
List Price: $773.00
8 ft. North America Power Cord With IEC Device Connector
8' Power Cord (domestic)
List Price: $37.25
Nellcor PediCheck Pediatric Fingerclip
Use with Dura-Y Sensor
List Price: $218.00
Nellcor 3 ft. DuraSensor DS-100A Transducer w/ Fingerclip, Adult
Nellcor DuraSensor Adult Oxygen Transducer with Fingerclip (3 ft./1 m)
List Price: $541.00
Nellcor Ear Clip
Part #: D-YSE
Use with Dura-Y Sensor
List Price: $170.00
Nellcor Dura-Y SpO2 Transducer
1 sensor and 40 wraps
List Price: $583.00
Nellcor OxiBand Pediatric/Infant Transducer
1 sensor and 50 wraps
List Price: $535.00
Nellcor OxiBand Adult/Neonatal Transducer
1 sensor and 50 wraps
List Price: $664.00