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Cart Work Surface Extension (side shelf)
Stress Cart Work Surface Extension (side shelf)
List Price: $231.00
Remote Keypad Assembly
Part #: 9970-011-50
Remote keypad Xscribe ▪ Dedicated keypad for control of treadmill (start, stop, speed up/down, elevation up/down), NIBP unit, and ECG printout
List Price: $710.12
Trigger Module Assembly
Part #: 30012-024-51
Trigger Module for TTL/analog signal output
List Price: $680.68
Hand-Rail Assembly, Adjustable, TMX428 Treadmill
Adjustable Handrail assembly for TMX 428 treamill
List Price: $836.22
No Image Available
Part #: 9911-023-11
Stress Cart Base
List Price: $1,260.00