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PCB, Foot Control Assembly, RH
List Price: C$22.24
PCB Assembly, VersaCare, Sidecomm Wiu
List Price: C$366.74
Scale Display, CA, Scale Only, LH
List Price: C$399.30
PCB Assembly, Blower Isolation
List Price: C$69.37
PCB Assembly, EC II Drive Control
List Price: C$503.17
Standoff, F/Snap, #6, 1/2
Part #: 3697303
List Price: C$1.07
PCB Assembly, EC II Caregiver Control Rt
List Price: C$273.70
Scale Display, CA, Scale Only, RH
List Price: C$391.50
Standoff, Rnd, Spacer, 5/8-18, .375
List Price: C$16.39
PCB, Battery Indicator Assembly
List Price: C$29.59
PCB, Junction Intellidrive Assembly
List Price: C$103.62
PCB Assembly, SpO2Rt2, Lon In
List Price: C$436.82
PCB Assembly, PNCB, 8-Series Service
List Price: C$644.22
Switch, Snap, Limit, Spdt, .1A
List Price: C$12.95
Trend Limit Switch Bracket Patient LH
List Price: C$14.02
Sidecomm Service Power Control Board Assembly
List Price: C$510.31
PCB Assembly, Air Ctl Service
Part #: 17172001S

This part must be configured to the specific bed if replaced. Reference the Progressa bed service manual or contact Authorized Service personnel for installation.

List Price: C$623.31
Intellidrive PACM w/Bracket


List Price: C$375.95
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