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PCB, IR Emitter Assembly
Part #: 72294P
List Price: C$25.83
PCB Assembly, Intellidrive, Pwr, Vcep

Replaced by Parts 207510 and 206651

List Price: C$94.94
PCB, Foot Control Assembly, LH
List Price: C$29.28
PCB, Foot Control Assembly, RH
List Price: C$22.24
PCB Assembly, VersaCare, Sidecomm Wiu
List Price: C$366.74
Logic Power Control Board Assembly
Part #: 151208
Replaces Part #:  72270P
List Price: C$381.44
Dio, Brdg, Rect, 600 Prv, 35A
List Price: C$12.67
Scale Board
Part #: 137558
List Price: C$331.10
Sidecomm Control Board
Part #: 14199802
List Price: C$435.02
Motor Control Board
Part #: 72273P
Replaces Part #:  72273
List Price: C$589.56
Siderail Board
Part #: 72282P
List Price: C$469.96
Scale Control Board For Beds w/Scale and PPM
List Price: C$575.60
Lower Control Board Assembly
List Price: C$408.08
Air Control Board Service Kit
Part #: 141148SA
Replaces Part #:  72295P
List Price: C$618.41
Standoff, Rnd, F/Snap, #8, .25, Nylon
List Price: C$0.46
Switch, Snap, Spdt, 0.1A
List Price: C$10.49
Standoff, Rnd, Snap/Snap, .213, .766
List Price: C$2.02
PCB, IR Detector Assembly
List Price: C$17.57
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