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PCB Assembly, Intellidrive, Pwr, Vcep

Replaced by Parts 207510 and 206651

List Price: C$94.94
PCB Assembly, PNCB, ISO, 240V AC S
List Price: C$498.19
PCB Assembly, Head Rail Controls
List Price: C$93.57
PCB Assembly, Ocb
Part #: 168892
List Price: C$269.50
PCB Assembly, PNCB, 8-Series Service
List Price: C$644.22
Sidecomm Service Power Control Board Assembly
List Price: C$510.31
PCB Assembly, Air Ctl Service
Part #: 17172001S

This part must be configured to the specific bed if replaced. Reference the Progressa bed service manual or contact Authorized Service personnel for installation.

List Price: C$623.31
Intellidrive PACM w/Bracket


List Price: C$375.95
PCB Assembly, Siderail Detection
List Price: C$35.05
Power Line Filter
Part #: 171513
List Price: C$79.59
PCB Assembly, 8-Ser, Upper Control S
List Price: C$660.16
PCB Assembly, Standalone Scale S
List Price: C$466.45
PCB Assembly, Patient Controls
List Price: C$119.16
PCB Assembly, Platform GCI Prog.
Part #: 16678801S
Replaces Part #:  166788
List Price: C$843.45
PCB Assembly, 8-Series, Lcb
List Price: C$305.85
PCB Assembly, 8 Series, Fifth Wheel
List Price: C$197.31
PCB Assembly, Intellidrive Daughter
List Price: C$160.04
Bed Exit Tape Switch Kit, 4 Pin, Short Cable
Part #: SA1481
Replaces Part #:  34400
List Price: C$498.41
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