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PPM Interface, out of Bed only
List Price: C$485.34
3 Mode PPM Interface
Part #: 67271
List Price: C$488.94
Bed Exit Caregiver Control
List Price: C$496.12
Transport Control Pod
Part #: 179202
List Price: C$309.29
PCB, IR Emitter Assembly
Part #: 72294P
List Price: C$25.83
PCB Assembly, Intellidrive, Pwr, Vcep

Replaced by Parts 207510 and 206651

List Price: C$94.94
PCB Assembly, Left-Pat-Ent
Part #: 4839202P
List Price: C$123.63
Cap, 75UF, 10%, 250V AC, Motor
List Price: C$68.33
PCB Assembly, PNCB, ISO, 240V AC S
List Price: C$498.19
PPM Scale For Power Control Board Assembly
Part #: 158590
Replaces Part #:  135690, 132630
List Price: C$337.11
PCB Assembly, Head Rail Controls
List Price: C$93.57
PCB Assembly, TC, PPM, Sport/+
List Price: C$290.27
PCB Assembly, TSCM
Part #: 6623901P
List Price: C$441.11
Filter, Rfi, 10A
Part #: 3084201
List Price: C$158.59
TCR 230 Volt PCM
Part #: 147341
List Price: C$416.14
Motor Controller
Part #: 176738
List Price: C$527.22
PCB Assembly, Ocb
Part #: 168892
List Price: C$269.50
PCB, Foot Control Assembly, LH
List Price: C$29.28
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